42/22 :: Humanity Through Baseball and Humanity Home

Humanity Through Baseball Foundation was established in 2010 after Jim Cederberg and Drew Sauer went to Kenya to play baseball with kids. Baseball was completely new to the kids in Kenya and was wildly popular. Many of the kids we met were orphans. We formed Humanity Through Baseball to continue meeting people through the game of baseball and to help orphans and other unfortunate children in Kenya. In seven more trips, we have delivered hundreds of gloves and balls, played for hundreds of hours with many hundreds of kids and met thousands of others. Over and over again, teachers and school principals tell us that our visits will be remembered by these kids for the rest of their lives.

We have made friends, become part of families, and searched for the best way to change the lives of orphan children. We dreamed of creating our own home for children, so that we would know exactly how the home is being run, how the children are being treated and how our money is being spent. After years of preparation, Humanity Home was opened on February 1, 2017. We have 20 children. They are beautiful and their transformation is amazing. Their stories are heartbreaking and heartwarming.

Please join us in this adventure of the heart and spirit.

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